China Investment Conference 2021

Lin Xu

Chairman, China-U.S. Green Fund; former Director General, Department of Fiscal and Financial Affairs and Department of Development Planning, National Development and Reform Commission

Lin Xu is Chairman of the China-U.S. Green Fund. Mr. Xu joined the former Long-Term Planning Department of the State Development Planning Commission in 1989, and later served as Director General of the Department of Fiscal and Financial Affairs and the Department of Development Planning of NDRC, and as Director of the China Center for Urban Development.

Mr. Xu participated in the formulation of several of China's Five-Year Plans for economic and social development, urbanization plans, regional development plans and policies, major industrial policies and the drafting work of the Report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Mr. Xu also presided over the preparation of the "13th Five-Year Plan” and participated in China's World Trade Organization accession talks. He served as a member of the Issuance Appraisal Committee of China Securities Regulatory Commission for three sessions.

Mr. Xu successively studied at Nankai University, American University, National University of Singapore, and Harvard Kennedy School and holds Master's degrees in Economics (Nankai University) and Public Administration (National University of Singapore).