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China Investment Conference 2022

Jun Yang

Vice President, Tencent FinTech

Jun Yang

Yang Jun is Vice President of Tencent FinTech and Deputy Chairman of the risk committee at the Administration Center of Shanghai Policy Financing Guarantee Funds for SMEs.

Mr. Yang is responsible for financial risk management and wealth management at Tencent FinTech.

His previous roles include General Manager of Risk Management and General Manager of Operations at the Shanghai Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank; Deputy General Manager of Credit Approval at the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank; Chief Risk Officer at Lufax Holding Limited; and Deputy Chief Risk Officer at Ping An Insurance.

In addition, Mr. Yang has an academic career, concurrently serving as a visiting professor at Shanghai International Studies University, and an industry mentor in the Advanced Institute of Finance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is also a columnist for Caixin, a Chinese media group based in Beijing.

Mr. Yang has devoted himself to theoretical research and practical exploration of financial technology, authoring multiple books on the topic.