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China Investment Conference 2021


Exclusive access to influential and actionable advice

Presidents, prime ministers, finance ministers, central bankers, economists, Nobel laureates, social scientists, authors, academics, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, athletes and even robots, rock bands and artists from across the globe have stepped on to the conference stage. Each brings a wealth of experience to shed light on the most relevant issues of the day. Discover this year's line up.

List of confirmed speakers as of October 30, 2021. 

Ben Bernanke
Former Chair, US Federal Reserve (2006 to 2014)

Yiping Huang
Professor, National School of Development, Peking University

Lin Xu
Chairman, China-U.S. Green Fund; former Director General, Department of Fiscal and Financial Affairs and Department of Development Planning, National Development and Reform Commission

Jun Ma
Founder and President, Institute of Finance and Sustainability

Ping Xie
Professor, People’s Bank of China School of Finance, Tsinghua University

Jisi Wang
President, Institute of International and Strategic Studies, and Professor, School of International Studies, Peking University

Dongping Yang
President of the 21st Century Education Research Institute; Member of the National Education Advisory Committee

James Liang
Research Professor of Economics, Peking University

Ke Mo
Founder, CEO and Chief Analyst, RealLi Research

Nicolas Aguzin

Rachel Lord
Chair and Head of Asia Pacific, BlackRock

Amanda Yap
ESG Vice President, Fullerton Fund Management

Donna Dang
Director of Business Development, O-Net Communications (Shenzhen)

Yale Shen
Chief Technology Officer, Digital China Holdings Limited

Hendrick Sin
Co-Founder, Vice Chairman, CMGE Technology Group Limited; Founding Partner, China Prosperity Capital Fund

John Oyler
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, BeiGene

Qingtian Zhao
Director, Linzhan Group; Member of Peking University CIO Times

Zhanling Zhao
Deputy Director, Lawyer, Yunjia Law Group

Stephen Wang
CEO, Will Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Shanghai

Chris Chen
CEO, WuXi Biologics; Chairman, WuXi XDC

Junfeng Jiang
Partner, Shenzhen Xihua Technical Consulting Corporation

Kristy Wong
Associate Director, ESG Investment Specialist, Amundi

Will Stephens
Head of Quantitative and Systematic Strategy, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Edmond Huang
Head of China/Hong Kong Research and China Equity Strategy, Credit Suisse

Steven Zhang
Head of Sales Trading, Equities, Credit Suisse Securities (China) Limited

Shivam Gupta
Head of Delta One Trading, APAC, Credit Suisse

Michael Jiang
Co-Head of Equities and Head of Sales, Credit Suisse Securities (China) Limited

David Murphy
Head of China Quantitative Insight (CQi), Credit Suisse

Haixu Qiu
Deputy Head, China Quantitative Insight (CQi), Credit Suisse

Lei Chen
Consumer Research, China Quantitative Insight (CQi), Credit Suisse

Lily Chang
Senior Portfolio Manager, Credit Suisse Asset Management

Benjamin Pollock
Head of Business Development and Investor Relations, Jasper Capital Hong Kong

Yin Ge
Partner, Han Kun Law Offices, Shanghai

Wenke Han
Former Director of the Energy Research Institute of NDRC

Amy Zhang
Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Excel Investment (HK) Limited

Bianca Pestalozzi
General Manager, Asia Pacific, On