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CIC 2022

China Investment Conference 2022

Greater China’s premier investment conference for influential ideas and actionable advice.

A new compass

October 31 – November 4, 2022 | Virtual conference

Investors in China need a new compass. The traditional growth engines of tech and real estate are being transformed by refocused domestic policy and shifting global macro factors.

But China’s resilience, its capacity for innovation and its sophisticated consumers mean it is rising to the challenge. As the economy evolves, new opportunities are emerging for those able to navigate the changing landscape.

At a time of upheaval and uncertainty for investors everywhere, the 13th Credit Suisse China Investment Conference provides expert insights into where Asia’s most dynamic and influential economy goes from here – and the opportunities it creates in its wake for global investors.

Exclusive highlights and insights

Actionable advice from the key speakers at the China Investment Conference in exclusive highlights and conversation videos.

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