My Path

After receiving diplomas from universities in Germany and Poland, I worked as a lawyer specializing in Polish and German civil law. Having a stable and well paid job, I did not actively look for a new role. But in 2010, while doing postgraduate studies at the Wroclaw School of Banking, I met a woman who worked at Credit Suisse who told me that her colleague was looking for individuals to join a newly created Legal & Compliance team in CoE Wroclaw.

I decided to give her my CV just to see if my profile would fit a big corporation. A few weeks later I became a CS-employee. I was working in a small, 3-person-team responsible for marketing material review under Swiss law and for preparation of cross border documentation for client facing employees. After a year I was entrusted with the role of a Team Leader, which gave me the ability to develop people leadership skills while also being close to the tasks performed in my team.

In 2012 I was appointed to the Sector Head and took over the supervision of several teams established to support General Counsel in various legal and compliance matters. In 2013 I received my first corporate title of AVP. I continued to supervise and coach ambitious and skillful young professionals, by trying to act as a role model. Because I still had respective know-how in the field, and had become a kind of hybrid of manager & specialist, I was entrusted with the role of functional head for the EMEA region  in addition to my local managerial responsibilities. As of this year, I act as a Vice President (VP) and lead a group of talented individuals as recently appointed Head of CCRO Deployed in Wroclaw. 

I use my time for developing people and teams, and creating an environment which supports their career plans and progress.  Wojciech

My Work

As soon as I check my mailbox and calendar I prepare a list of tasks I would like to complete by the end of the day or week. Quite a large part of my daily work is meeting with direct and indirect reports, superiors, peers, internal clients, functional heads, stakeholders etc. Some days I might even spend the whole day having meetings, calls, video conferences, or job interviews.

I also use my time for developing people and teams, and creating an environment which supports their career plans and progress. I try to stay up-to-date with all processes and initiatives, meet with internal stakeholders to increase the quality of the services, prepare strategic plans on how to extend the scope of responsibilities, and how to act as a more independent unit. As a co-author of one of the global policies I also provide guidelines and advice to requestors from various banking divisions.

My Interests

I try to spend as much time as I can with my son – one could say, that spending time with him at the playground, stacking Lego blocks, playing board games, painting etc. has become my hobby. Fortunately, I still find time to read books, go to the cinema or theatre, and to meet with friends. I am also able to find time for cooking, one of my greatest passions. One of my favorite hobbies is music and concerts… all kinds of them. Whenever I can, I like to listen to music anywhere from big concerts and festivals, to small ones which take place in pubs, art galleries etc. Music helps me relax and forget about an intense day or week at work. It is something that energizes me and enriches my personal life.

My Goals

By the time I will be able to say "Hi, I am Wojciech Wilsz and I have been working at Credit Suisse for 15 years", I would like to have gained more international experience  and experience not necessarily related to the business area I am currently working in. Within the next 10 years, I would like to be able to get to know other business units and other roles, in order to have a more holistic view on the rules governing financial markets. Even if that means leaving my comfort zone and trying topics I am currently unfamiliar with.

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