Meet Piotr
Title: Banking Analyst
Business Area: Banking Operations
Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Joined Credit Suisse in August 2014

I went to Wroclaw University of Economics. I began interning in Private Banking as a fifth year student, and I decided to join Credit Suisse's graduate program after I completed my degree. I wanted to go into banking and Credit Suisse had a great reputation. It was a great place to begin my career.

I’m now an Analyst on the Money Markets team. We handle all of the business connected to currencies and markets. For example, we cover European, North American and Singaporean transactions. We cooperate with employees from these locations all day long, processing trade and transaction requests to traders from clients or other teams. 

I've grown professionally, thanks to Credit Suisse's exceptional training. The company does a great job developing people's competencies and capabilities. I found the first three weeks of my program to be very interesting. I met senior managers and people from all over the company, and received training in economics, money markets and an overview of the financial services industry. The training also helped me to think more broadly about the organization, my role and the opportunities available. Finally, everyone I met was friendly and very focused on doing well in their careers. They're all motivated like me. In fact, I'm still in contact with the other Analysts that started at the same time. We share our experiences and meet after work for drinks.

I like being responsible for ensuring the proper movement of money within and outside the company. Working on the Money Markets team also allows me to interact with clients and colleagues working from all over the world. I enjoy being part of a global company.

I process trades throughout the day in a variety of different currencies. I have to keep in mind the cut-off times for making trades within each currency and country. Though it can be stressful, I like the pressure of all the daily deadlines. I'm focused 110% on my work, and I feel connected to the markets.

My main interests are sports, music and travel. I play tennis, and have been an instructor. I also play table tennis, squash, volleyball, basketball and I ski. I've been playing music since elementary school, and I was in a band while I was in school. I still love music, but now I sing only for my friends. I also love to travel and wouId like to see every continent. Most recently, I went to China and Malaysia.