My Path

I started my professional career during my second year of studies by running a small sales business in Germany. In 2007 I decided to move back to Poland and started working at Santander Bank in the Austrian Shared Services Center in Wroclaw, where I was eventually promoted as team leader in the legal department. During my five years in this position, I  learned a great deal about the banking industry, finance, people management and business process outsourcing. In 2012, when Santander moved business back to Austria, I had to choose between leaving Wroclaw or finding a new job in Poland. The good employer reputation, excellent brand and positive opinions from my friends working for Credit Suisse convinced me to stay and apply for a position at Credit Suisse in the Wroclaw Center of Excellence.

I started in Global Asset Servicing, a function that obtains, analyzes and distributes information on all capital market transactions to Credit Suisse clients. After two years I decided to move internally to the HR division and take over the role of Team Leader for the global Workforce Reporting Team. This was a great decision for me, as I was able to broaden my knowledge and understanding about the organization and business analysis. Moving internally allowed me to interact with new markets, functions and places I would never have been exposed to otherwise. This role was a real milestone in my career as I believe it placed me in a good position to extend myself in a project management area. 

I consistently feel appreciated and supported by my superiors and colleagues. This type of atmosphere makes my colleagues the best part of working at Credit Suisse. Natalia

My Work

Currently I hold the position of HR Operational Manager responsible for managing HR processes involving global company population. My job is to monitor crucial employment, talent development and performance management trends in my sector. I am also coordinating a few HR Compliance projects. Furthermore, analyzing and optimizing business processes in the Company's HR area is one of my key topics. I spend a lot of time on meetings, calls and answering emails, but the collaboration with the stakeholders and colleagues is the part that I enjoy the most. It utilizes my abilities to interact with people from various cultures and organizational levels, requires high-level communication skills and the ability to handle challenging situations with patience. So it's very helpful to stay open minded, be a quick learner and to be able to work under pressure. It's easier if you like people and you are able to put yourself in another's shoes.

I have worked for Credit Suisse for over 4 years and I have enjoyed every minute of it. There are plenty of opportunities for those who work hard and want to develop their careers. I have participated in the Internal Promotion Program and a series of trainings for advanced and experienced managers. I am also a proud participant of an Internal Mentoring Program where I can learn from the most experienced people in Credit Suisse globally.

You definitely won't be bored working at Credit Suisse because the work is always changing and intellectually challenging. The culture of Credit Suisse is inspiring as I consistently feel appreciated and supported by my superiors and colleagues. This type of atmosphere makes my colleagues the best part of working at Credit Suisse.

My Interests

Organizing is one of my passions, along with travelling, food and wine. I love spending quality time with my family and friends... and with my two cats. I am always finding new hobbies, for example, I recently started cultivating orchids and learning French, both of which bring me a lot of joy. On my last visit to France I was inspired to "re-image" my relationship with the arts. Because of that, my biggest dream is to live in Paris.

Using the resources available at Credit Suisse, I have learned to play tennis, while some of my friends took photography courses or belong to the chess community. People are sharing their hobbies which is wonderful. There are plenty of events or activities that relate directly to the company, whether it is a company picnic, outside meeting, philanthropic event, company-sponsored event or business lunch. They make our work interactions more enjoyable. In our Team, we have small rituals like going to dinner or spending a charity day together.

My Goals

My personal goal is to learn, grow, and be better every day in every way. The general plan for my current work is to learn as much as possible about different areas of banking and financial institutions, but I'm also strongly interested in the business analysis side and helping business become more efficient.

My professional dreams are to be a genuine leader. In other words, someone whose projects, confidence, attitude, capacity for taking decisions and determined character inspire other people. I will continue my effort and work hard to improve my managerial skills to someday move from an operational role to a strategic one.

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