My Path

When I applied for a job at Credit Suisse, I was already holding a Securities Broker and Investment Advisor license, which confirmed my knowledge and expertise in capital markets. This, combined with my previous experience in the financial industry, was very helpful. I wanted to understand how a global Investment Bank operates as well as develop my analytical and team management skills. Credit Suisse was one of the most interesting companies in the market offering such possibilities.

But work at Credit Suisse is not only for experienced professionals. I had numerous opportunities to work with young graduates who proved to be quick learners, excellent team players and financial markets enthusiasts – allowing them to be very successful in their roles. And since Credit Suisse offers a mentoring program for its employees, they can also seek advice and guidance from senior colleagues which is extremely helpful at the early stages of one's career.

I joined Credit Suisse as a senior analyst in the Emerging Markets Trade Management team. Since then, I have worked in three different departments, which  has helped me gain comprehensive knowledge of Fixed Income trading, sales and operations. After almost two years in my first role, I was promoted to an AVP title and moved to EMEA Rates Trade Management as the team manager. Currently, I'm supervising the EMEA Solutions Trade Management team as a direct manager as well as assisting with managing the Global Markets Fixed Income Derivatives Trade Management Group in Wroclaw, as a deputy regional head.

We all work together, proactively support each other and share the knowledge in our daily work. As a group we take pride in our enthusiasm, ability to go above and beyond at every opportunity, energy and focus on achieving goals. Marcin

My Work

The Trade Management team provides support across several business lines including Credit, Rates and Emerging Markets.

What is required to perform well in the fast-paced environment of Fixed Income trading support is the ability to multitask and work under time pressure while retaining very strong attention to detail and accuracy. Being a good team player is also important as we all work together, proactively support each other and share the knowledge in our daily work. As a group, we take pride in our enthusiasm, our ability to go above and beyond at every opportunity, as well as having the energy and focus to achieve our goals.

People that I have a pleasure to work with make for a strong team – based on respect, trust and recognition of hard work, where people feel they can develop their career and enjoy coming to work. And I always make sure that the Trade Management team is consistently challenged and continues to diversify the skill set within the unit.

Being able to help people develop and understand financial markets and instruments while providing quality service to our clients around the world is what I really enjoy. Working in a challenging and dynamic role that changes every day as well as having the empowerment to express ideas and make decisions based on gained knowledge is also very motivating.

My Interests

While working in a fast-paced environment, it's crucial to be able to unplug after work and use your free time efficiently to recharge your batteries. I make sure I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. Being able to relax while offwork and exercise daily is very important to me – to stay sharp and motivated during office hours. Nevertheless, among travelling to exotic locations, gym, basketball and the automotive industry, one of my interests is the  financial markets..

My Goals

I want to continue to develop my professional career in the financial markets while working on developing my leadership skills to continuously expand my responsibilities. I also want to gain exposure to a greater number of teams within the bank to be able to understand all factors that drive the performance of such a big global organization. And that's because in few years I see myself as a well-rounded senior manager in the Global Markets area. In addition, beside various training programs, I plan toleverage the Credit Suisse MyPerformance and Personal Development Plan which structures the continuous evaluation program and allows us to track the progress on a regular basis.

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