My Path

Before I joined Credit Suisse, I was a teacher in high school. Apart from teaching, I was responsible for the students exchange program with German high schools. I've always wanted to work in an international environment and being a leader was my career goal. I knew from the beginning that Credit Suisse offers its employees with leadership potential and tremendous development possibilities. I decided to try.

At the beginning, I was a member of the HR transformation team responsible for transferring HR processes to the new location in Wroclaw. My career path at Credit Suisse was dynamic. After being an HR specialist for one year, I became a Team Leader coordinating work of 10 specialists.

As a leader I utilized Credit Suisse's internal mobility twice. In 2013, I was offered the opportunity to manage the whole sector covering three core HR process (Performance Management, Time & Attendance and Payroll & Compensation). 

My Work

My focus area in daily work covers end to end responsibility for the operational delivery of various HR services in areas such as Onboarding, Offboarding and Reference Letters. My responsibilities include: managing regular interaction with businesses, senior management, clients and SME. I am also in charge of executing the HR Talent Management strategy within my department (e.g. training, engagement, mentoring, coaching, succession planning, compensation, awards and retention).

I love that every day at work is different. New challenges such as new deployments, transferring processes from one location to another and redesigning processes to fulfill the customer needs and expectations, are my daily challenges. Seeing the positive results that my team and I deliver day by day makes me satisfied and allows me to feel successful.

Each employee can discuss his/her development needs, set goals together with the supervisor and agree on appropriate steps that need to be done to achieve their desired results.  Justyna

My Interests

My passions are traveling and my family. As a mother of a 15 month old son I spend all of my free time focused on my family. With my young son, I explore my passion for travelling by discovering playground areas and places designed for children and young parents. It is a great pleasure for me to see my child growing up and to show him the world.

What I find very attractive about Credit Suisse is that my department supports mothers returning from maternity leave by giving them the possibility to adapt their working hours to a family schedule. It was an advantage for me to set up my daily business life in combination with my duties as a mother.

Credit Suisse also offers the possibility to join many networks (e.g. Family/Parents Network, Women network, health networks, and a variety of sports teams) where you can meet with colleagues who share your interests and hobbies.

My Goals

As a manager I always recommend that my team members have a valid personal development plan. Each employee can discuss his/her development needs, set goals together with the supervisor and agree on appropriate steps that need to be done to achieve their desired results.

For me it is also essential to have a clear vision of my own career. Each year I have prepared and discussed my career goals and development areas with my supervisor. My personal development plan gave me the opportunity to identify my current strengths and areas for improvement. The company gives you a lot of feasibilities to achieve your goals. The key is to not only use these chances but also create new ones for you. It gives you a solid foundation to be successful.

For my own development I would like to concentrate further on my managerial career path, focusing on strategic decisions and supporting global strategy. I would also like to participate in central HR projects to extend my HR Platform and know-how.

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