Title: Assistant Vice President
Business Area: Chief Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Officer
Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Joined Credit Suisse in 2012

While I was studying, I saw an advertisement promoting the General Counsel Academy at my University (University of Wroclaw). I thought joining General Counsel would be a unique opportunity for me to apply the knowledge I gained whilst studying. I was one of two General Counsel Academy participants who wasn't a Law student. In 2012, compliance was a new area of business in Poland and only a small number of people knew what that was all about, so it was a completely new area for me too.

Every work day is different – the Personal Account Trading team is responsible for the supervision of activities that Credit Suisse employees undertake in their personal brokerage accounts. Our daily tasks can be divided into two main areas; assisting our employees with any queries they may have with regards requirements that need to be met with respect to their personal investments and monitoring personal account trading transactions ensuring they are compliant with relevant internal policies, applicable laws and regulations.

Since becoming a team leader my role has changed – I'm not involved directly in daily tasks to the extent I used to when I was a specialist. Now, I work with my team to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their tasks. My role is also to support them in case of any questions or doubts and assist them in developing their careers and plans.

Although the team's tasks are clearly defined each day may bring something new – be it a query from an employee on a topic which we need to discuss within a team or even globally within our function or a new piece of regulation which we need to comply with. The latter involves a lot of effort – from planning through designing a new process, if needed, to monitor its successful implementation.

I would like to develop my career in the compliance function; ideally in a managerial role. As the compliance function is growing at Credit Suisse, I believe there will be plenty of opportunities to achieve my career goals. There are various tools such as Internal Mobility, which can help me with that. Moreover, the opportunities to participate in various trainings/coaching sessions will definitely help develop my managerial skills.

In my free time, I go to the cinema. I try not to think about work after I leave the office. Going to the cinema is one of the ways I can completely forget about my job and pretty much everything else as you get immersed in the story the film tells.  Also an added monthly benefit is that Credit Suisse offers free cinema tickets.