My Path

While I was studying English Studies and Administration, I saw an advertisement promoting the General Counsel Academy at my University (University of Wroclaw). As I hadn't had any previous experience, I thought joining General Counsel would be a unique opportunity for me to apply the knowledge I gained when studying. I was one of two General Counsel Academy participants who wasn't a Law student and as this was my first professional experience I wanted to learn as much as I could, including finding out what compliance entailed. Back in 2012, compliance was a new area of business in Poland and only a small number of people knew what that was all about, so it was a completely new area for me too, more so that  I didn't study Economics or anything related to it.

At the end of the program (August 2013), I became a full-time employee in the Personal Account Trading EMEA team (also General Counsel). I've been with the team ever since. I also participated in various training sessions for future and then new managers. These were eye-opening for a person who was transitioning from a specialist into a managerial role. I'm happy to report that since July 2015, I've been promoted to a team leader of the Personal Account Trading EMEA team

Support is not limited to teams/sectors only – you will receive assistance from people working in other departments and locations. Joanna

My Work

Since I became a team leader my role has slightly changed. I'm no longer involved directly with the daily tasks of the Personal Account Trading team – that being the supervision of activities Credit Suisse employees undertake in their personal brokerage accounts. Instead, I work to ensure that my team members have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the tasks well. I also support them with any questions or doubts and assist them in developing their careers.

When a team member (or an employee – support is not limited to my teams/sectors only – you will receive assistance from people working in other departments and locations) reaches out to me for guidance/advice I want to ensure I deliver answers and solutions that are appropriate to their needs. Due diligence is needed in any compliance function – as a guardian of the bank's reputation, we are required to pay great attention to detail.

Team results and recognition from stakeholders are one of the strongest motivators for me – when you feel that your work is well done and appreciated across the bank, you have the drive to keep on doing your job. Moreover, seeing your team members like their jobs and that they feel satisfied with where they are on their career path, motivates me as a team leader. 

My Interests

Cinema is one of my passions. And one of the benefits Credit Suisse offers are free cinema tickets that you may receive each month, which is perfect for me. To manage my work-life balance, I try not to think about the job after I leave the office – going to the cinema is one of the ways by which you may completely forget about your job (and pretty much everything else, in fact) as you immerse in the story the film tells.

My Goals

I would like to develop my career in the compliance function; ideally in a managerial role. As the compliance function is growing at Credit Suisse, I believe there will be plenty of opportunities to achieve my career goals. There are various tools such as Internal Mobility, that can help me with that. Moreover, the opportunities to participate in the various trainings/coaching sessions will definitely help develop my managerial skills.

So, in few years time, I see myself still at Credit Suisse with a Vice President title, heading a sector in compliance function.

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