Startup Process Capital Payment Account

Capital Payment Account

The first step in starting up a limited liability company or a joint-stock company is to open a Capital payment account.

This account is available for incorporation and for ordinary capital increases and authorized capital increases of joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, and partnerships limited by shares that are domiciled in Switzerland. We issue a capital payment confirmation for the respective incorporation or capital increase.




0.05% of the deposit amount
Minimum CHF/EUR/USD 200 excluding VAT
Maximum CHF/EUR/USD 2,000 excluding VAT
Fee reduction for online opening: 100 CHF/EUR/USD


No interest paid


The Capital payment account can be used for a premium.

We would be happy to open a Capital payment account for you

You can open a capital payment account for a newly incorporated company1 with us online – in just a few steps and entirely paper free. All you have to do is: enter the information, identify yourself via video chat,2 and sign online.

Open a Capital payment account online today

Alternatively, you can download the application to open a capital payment account.3 This is mandatory for capital increases and additional payments.1 Please submit the completed form to the Credit Suisse branch for your region. You can also mail the opening form to CREDIT SUISSE (Switzerland) Ltd., SABG 4, P.O. Box 3370, 3001 Bern or email it directly team.onboarding(at)

We need an officially certified copy of the identification or certified signature of any person signing the application, which we ask you to enclose with the application. Alternatively, you can also obtain verification by presenting a valid identification document (identity card, passport, or driver's license) at the counter of a Credit Suisse branch.

Payment of Capital

The payment of the capital occurs after the company issues a separate order on a bank account belonging to the company, but no earlier than:

  • The first working day after the company's incorporation or capital increase is published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce or
  • After presentation of an original extract from the commercial register or a certified copy of the entry, or
  • After receipt of an original confirmation of the entry or a certified copy from the Swiss Federal Commercial Registry Office.

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