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Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse Asset Management has been a success story since the launch of the first real estate fund in 1938. As a global provider of real estate products, Credit Suisse manages USD 50.6 bn (as at 30.06.2019) in assets and provides access to diversified real estate portfolios worldwide.

More than 174 real estate experts are engaged at 6 offices around the world (Zurich, Frankfurt, Milan, London, New York City and Singapore) and all along the entire value creation chain.

Today Credit Suisse Global Real Estate is ranked among the top 15 largest providers of real estate investments worldwide, is the third largest in Europe and the largest in Switzerland. We are currently looking after 1,300 properties in 17* different countries.

Global Player

Through our worldwide office network, we provide investors with global access to attractive real estate and professional management. Our real estate experts advise and assist the investors with executing international real estate strategies.

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Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse Asset Management is the largest provider of real estate investment products in Switzerland and ranks among the top 15 real estate managers worldwide. We are currently executing 29 new construction projects and manage roughly 1,300 properties with more than 150,000 rental objects.

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Full Range of Services

Our team of experts has years of experience in executing major construction projects and renovations. These real estate specialists keep up with the latest trends, for example age-appropriate housing, logistics facilities, and sophisticated properties for the healthcare industry.

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Swiss Values

Values such as dependability and trust are very important to us and are ingrained in our culture. It is this culture and our expertise that form the foundation for a long-term partnership with our investors.

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As a major real estate manager, we firmly believe that a sustainable approach to managing properties is absolutely essential and has a positive impact on their future value. That is why we ensure that issues of sustainability relating to society, the economy, and the environment are factored into our relationships, business practices, and planning processes.

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