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AIC 2021

Wealth Management APAC 2H Market Outlook Seminar 2022

Actionable insights into key investment themes directly from top industry leaders and Credit Suisse experts.

Strength in resilience

June 29, 2022 | Live from Singapore

The global economy - and investors - face a confluence of challenges unseen for generations. The worse military conflict in Europe since WWII; the lingering - but still worrisome - effect of the pandemic; rates of inflation at levels last seen in the 1970s; and major central banks set to tighten monetary policy, reversing the easy liquidity we’ve grown used to over the past 14 years. With investors concerned about the apparent risk of stagflation, how should we make sense of these extraordinary challenges?

In China, with the 20th Party Congress set to be held in the second half of 2022, what political dynamics should investors expect ahead of this milestone event? How will property market policies and regulatory changes impact China’s economy? And where do China-US relations stand today?

Please join Credit Suisse’s thought leaders and esteemed guest keynote speaker for their interpretation of global trends, learnings from the past and how we identify opportunity amid the volatility and uncertainty.


Ng Kok Song
Founding Partner and Chairman of Avanda Investment Management; former Group CIO at GIC

Benjamin Cavalli
CEO Hong Kong, Head of Wealth Management Asia Pacific and APAC Sustainability Leader, Credit Suisse

Jose Isidro N. (Lito) Camacho
Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse 

John Woods
Chief Investment Officer Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Dr. Dong Tao
Vice Chairman Greater China, Wealth Management Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

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