Wealth Management APAC H1 Market Outlook Seminar 2023

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New realities, new horizons

January – February 2023 | In-person events

Asia Pacific is entering uncharted territory in 2023. The region is adapting to the new realities of a changed global macro environment – as well as looking ahead to new horizons created by its own impressive fundamentals.

2022 has been a year of exceptional turbulence. As inflation soared, the US Federal Reserve and other major central banks have increased interest rates aggressively. This reversal of more than a decade of easy monetary policy has reset expectations for global growth, while a strong dollar has been challenging for emerging markets. Asia Pacific has also been at the centre of mounting geopolitical tensions and supply chain deglobalization.

Yet the region has proved remarkably resilient in the face of these potentially disruptive forces. Asia Pacific’s middle class continues to grow, innovation is accelerating and countries across the region are stepping up their commitment to more sustainable growth. While many countries face recession in 2023, Asia is still expected to lead the world in growth.

Complexity and volatility are our reality now, but what do Asia Pacific’s enduring strengths mean for markets in 2023, especially if global macro concerns ease? Investors have been defensively positioned to weather the storm, but is it time to change course?

Join us at Credit Suisse’s Asia Pacific Market Outlook Seminar, where we aim to help investors navigate this uncharted territory – and capture the opportunities emerging in 2023.

Thought leaders

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Goh Chok Tong

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong
Former Prime Minister of Singapore, Former Minister of Trade and Industry, Health and Defence

John Woods
Chief Investment Officer Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

Dr. Dong Tao
Vice Chairman Greater China, Wealth Management Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

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