2021 Latin America Investment Conference

We are pleased to welcome you to our first virtual Latin America Investment Conference (LAIC), to be held on January 26–29, 2021.

The year 2021 marks the beginning of a new decade. And this new decade will start with an incredible array of significant changes in our economy, our society, and the way investors view our planet after a historic 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated trends and—more than ever—brought technology to our personal and professional lives. Governments around the world have coordinated their monetary and fiscal policies to avoid a bigger recession and save vulnerable populations and companies.

What will Latin America and the world’s recovery look like?

With all this uncertainty ahead, in a zero or near-zero interest rate environment across the world, join us at the LAIC to start off the year well informed and learn valuable lessons on how to navigate this new decade—and this new world.

Please prepare to join us and a distinguished team of regional leaders, including political, economic, financial, technology and academic figures.

"The Latin America Investment Conference brings to light the enormous potential and business opportunities that Brazil can offer. We at Credit Suisse are glad to enjoy a global presence and a local expertise. This unique position enables us to be the partner of choice of our clients and those looking to do business in the region."

Marcello Chilov, Head of International Wealth Management, Credit Suisse Brazil

2021 Global Economic Outlook Highlights

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