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Additional Information

Important Deadlines

Tuesday, January 18

  • Deadline for conference registration
  • Deadline to submit hotel booking requests to the Events and Live Marketing team

Tuesday, January 25

  • Deadline to submit one-on-one meeting & dinner requests

Week of January 31

  • Preliminary one-on-one schedules to be sent out by our Corporate Access Team

Week of February 6

  • The deadline to cancel or modify hotel reservations without losing your full deposit has been extended to Friday, February 11

COVID Protocols 

This event is in-person-only, with enhanced safety protocols. At conference check-in, attendees will be required to attest to being fully vaccinated and to testing negative in a COVID rapid test that will be provided to them onsite.

Process for COVID testing: 

  1. Collect a test kit at the Grant Hyatt upon check-in at front desk. If attendee is not staying at the Grand Hyatt, they will collect a test from CS event staff at the Grand Hyatt and self-administer in a designated conference room.
  2. Attendees will self-administer the test either in their room or in a designated conference room.
  3. Testing must be completed before checking in at conference registration. Attendee must sign an attestation confirming their negative result in order to receive their conference credentials. We recommend completing the test upon arrival and allowing at least 20 minutes for the results to come through.

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact:

Hotel Information
Meg Sheehy
+1 212-325-4330 or

Speaker Information, Audio Visual and Agenda
Molly McConnell
+1 212-325-9360

General Information
Shannon Dionis
+1 212 538 4301

One-on-One Meetings and Dinners
Jordan Leff
+1 212-325-0045

Cheeky Herr
+1 212-325-3278