The Price Is Right

You can also save by keeping a close eye on what you are spending your money on. So it makes sense to compare prices – whether you want to buy an apple, a mobile phone, or a pair of trousers. There are various factors that could affect the price. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • hotspot Quality

    Most products come in different grades – that's what we call quality. A watch, for example, can be plastic, cheaper metal, or gold and can be made with a machine or by hand. Products made from expensive materials, with a high-quality finish, usually cost more. They often last longer than cheaper products. So the product with the lowest price isn't always the best option.

  • hotspot Quantity

    At first glance, many packages look pretty big. But when you take a closer look, you notice that there isn't actually that much inside. That's what we call deceptive packaging. It's particularly common with food, such as cornflakes. So, when you buy a product, you can look to see how much is actually in the pack and save money. It's often worth comparing several products.

  • hotspot Trend

    Many products are particularly expensive because they're currently trendy, and everybody wants one. The brand of the product is usually important as well. If it's currently cool to have a product from a particular brand, lots of people are prepared to pay more money for it. You can decide whether you need the product right now, or whether you actually want to wait a while. Or maybe a different brand has the same product at a lower price.

Person mit tollen Turnschuhen und einer Uhr sitz in einem Zimmer und isst Cornflakes.