3D Secure (MasterCard®SecureCodeTM)

Protect your card! 

We take security seriously. Using Credit Suisse Cards is not just easy and convenient, it is also secure. Please make sure you register for the free 3 D Secure service to protect yourself against online fraud.

  • What is “3D Secure”?

Activation of 3D Secure

  • You activate 3D Secure when you make your first payment on a 3D Secure internet site.
  • This activation will be requested only once for each credit card that you use to pay online and must be repeated after each replacement with new card number and expiry date.

3 new security pledges

3D Secure aims to strenghten your securty by introducing 3 new elements which confirm that is is indeed you who are using your card for purchases on the internet:

  • a personal 3D Secure Security Message which is displayed when the payment is made
  • a 3D Secure password which confirms your payment
  • an authentication code which is sent to your mobile phone number via SMS

How it works

Once 3D Secure is activated, for your subsequent payments you need only:

  • give the usual information of your credit card
  • identify yourself by means of your personal message and enter your 3D Secure password
  • enter the authentication code sent to your mobile phone

Free of charge and included for your card

  • 3D Secure is completely free of charge 
  • You do not need to change your credit card
  • You simply need to activate the service online while shopping or by clicking on the logo displayed on our webpage