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The new Asset Cockpit in Online Banking gives you even better control over your portfolio.

General Overview – Portfolio/Safekeeping Account

New general overview of all your assets in Online Banking with
real-time data.

Investment overview at portfolio/safekeeping account level:

  • Historical and real-time position data
  • Current prices
  • Price changes vis-à-vis previous day
  • Movements per position
  • Available positions nt:unstructured2014-05-06T07:17:47.100+01:00f1076672014-05-06T07:17:47.100+01:00f107667cs-templating/common/components/paragraph
    • Price performance charts
    • Details per position

For any questions you have about Online Banking, please contact your Relationship Manager.  

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Factsheet Online Banking 

Factsheet Online Banking

Your Benefits at a glance.