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Why are not all structured investments shown?

Structured investments are specialized, complex products. Therefore, sound advice is necessary to avoid risks that may not be immediately obvious. For further information and advice on structured investments, please contact your client advisor.

Why can I not find the fund that I'm looking for in Direct Net?

Regulatory reasons prevent us from offering and or providing details of all funds on the internet. Further information may be requested from your client advisor.

Why can I not find the financial instrument that I'm looking for?

If a financial instrument is not activated in our systems, it will not be shown in Direct Net. It is also possible that regulatory reasons prevent us from providing details of some financial instruments online. Further information may be requested from your client advisor.

Which stock exchanges are displayed with real-time quotes?

We offer three stock exchanges with real-time quotes: SIX Swiss Exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange Blue Chip, and Scoach.

What is an RIC?

RIC is the abbreviation for Reuters Identification Code. This code, specific to Reuters, is generally composed of a company identifier code and a stock exchange code, separated by a point. E.g.: CSGN.VX is the RIC for Credit Suisse shares traded on the SWX Europe Limited exchange. In an index, the RIC always starts with a decimal point, followed by an abbreviation. E.g.: ".SSMI" is the RIC for the SMI.

What is the ISIN?

ISIN is the abbreviation for International Security Identification Number. This alphanumeric code is used to identify a financial instrument worldwide.

What is the ticker?

The ticker is a code used on a stock exchange to identify a financial instrument. Each stock exchange has its own ticker for each financial instrument.

What is the "Swiss Security Number"? 

As with the ISIN, this is the security number that is used in Switzerland to identify a financial instrument.

Why can I not obtain quotes for all stock exchanges?

Certain stock exchanges restrict access to quoted prices by requiring separate contracts for such a service. To provide quotes from these exchanges would be expensive and complicated. We therefore prefer to focus on the most used stock exchanges. Further information may be requested from your client advisor.

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