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How can I save certain settings such as grouping or period for bookings as default?

The selected settings are automatically saved for the most important fields, and remain valid until you change them.

Which bookings can be seen under "Booking entries - Account details"?

The account details show the bookings on your account. The default setting shows you the bookings for the last 30 days. You can also choose a different period or number of bookings on the bookings page itself. The selection is saved for later Direct Net sessions.

Where can I find the IBAN, BIC/SWIFT or clearing number for one of my accounts?

The IBAN is shown on all pages in the Account area. The BIC is displayed in the upper section of each account details page. To display the clearing number, select "Show all details" at the top of the account details pages.

What are provisional bookings?

Provisional bookings are advance notices of items which are not yet definitively booked and can therefore still be changed. However, since these provisional bookings also apply to the balance, provisional cash receipts can also be obtained at ATMs.

How can I export bookings of a certain month to Excel?

There are two possible options:

  1. Select the required account, and choose "Search for bookings" in the left navigation menu. Then enter the period, for example 04.01.2010-04.30.2010 as a search parameter. When the results are displayed, click on the "Export" link under the bookings found.
  2. Select the desired account from the account list. Select "Current month" to the right above the displayed bookings, and click the "GO" button to confirm. Now you can scroll backward and forward by month under the displayed bookings. When the desired month is displayed, click on the "Export" link.

Why can I not see any details for incoming payments?

If you find a booking with the text "Payments" and "global credit according to separate display", your account is set up in such a way that bookings of the same time are summarized. If you want to change this and see a separate booking for each individual credit, (incl. information about the consignor), please contact client care.

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