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FAQ on Online Banking

How can I use the settings to customize my own pages in Online Banking?

Under "My Profile" you can find the two areas "General Options" and "Area Options" that allow you to personalize specific settings in Online Banking.

How can I change my start page?

The start page can be defined under "My Profile" and "General Options", which appear after login.

How can I change my password?

The password can be changed under "My Profile" and "General Options". However, if you have forgotten your password or there is an error, please contact your relationship manager. 

How do "My Links" work? 

By defining "My Links", you gain quick access to your required service areas in Online Banking. The defined links (a maximum of ten are possible) can be added to, removed, modified and re-organized with just a few clicks.

Once your links list has been activated, it appears at the top of your main navigation bar, allowing you to reach the screens you want even more quickly. 

What are "User Rights"?

Under "Contracts" and "User Rights" you can see your rights and the rights of all other authorized users with access rights to the same accounts/safekeeping accounts. The user who is logged in is not included.

Only the access rights of other users in the same contract group as the user who is logged on are visible.

As a user with collective issuing rights, you can also see which users from the same contract group also have collective issuing rights. You can do this while inputting a payment or after transmission (also see the "User Rights" link after "Send").

If a previously entered payment was modified or approved, you will also see which users from the same contract group have collective issuing rights (see link "User Rights" after "Send"). The user who is logged in is not included.

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