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How can I use the settings to customize my own pages in Direct Net?

Under "My Profile" you can find the two areas "General Options" and "Area Options" that allow you to personalize Direct Net.

"General Options"

Start page:

This allows you to determine which page is shown directly following the login.

Pending tasks:

This allows you to activate the setting to display your personal tasks immediately after

Please always note the individual "Info" links as well in Direct Net. Please always remember to save your personal default settings.


You can choose your preferred language for Direct Net.

Change password:

You can change your existing password. However, if you have forgotten your password or there is an error, please contact the Direct Net hotline.


This provides the option to either set your Direct Net view to show links grouped together or keep the default view.


This setting can be used to determine how error messages are displayed. Select "No" to display error messages on the corresponding browser page. Select "Yes" to receive the error message as a system report in a separate window. You can increase the contrast by activating the checkbox "High".

Area Options

Default setting for accounts:

Default account:

With this option, you can choose which account you want to be displayed first when calling up a detail page (e.g. Bookings).

Preferred balance:

The balance selected in this option is displayed in the upper section of the account detail pages. This is used to calculate the balance preview.

Default setting for safekeeping accounts:

Default safekeeping account:

With this option you can choose the safekeeping account to be displayed first when calling up the Safekeeping Accounts page in the Accounts & Assets area.

Default setting for assets:

Valuation currency: With this option, you can set the market value to be calculated in a different currency to EUR on the overall overview page.

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