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The equity and fixed income research capabilities of Credit Suisse in Canada are based on a robust, in-depth analytical framework that combines local industry expertise with the strength and breadth of Credit Suisse’s global research platform. 

With more than 130 Canadian stocks under coverage and analysts located in Toronto and Calgary, the Canadian research team provides extensive coverage of the Canadian capital market across many industries. There is a clear focus by our research teams on the extractive industries of energy, metals and mining. 

The Canadian research team works seamlessly with Credit Suisse’s global research platform to create a wealth of intelligence that goes beyond traditional research. For clients wishing to explore international investment opportunities and view Canada in the context of the rest of the world, our analysts can deliver the quality of research required to make informed decisions.

Accessing Research and Analytics 

Credit Suisse clients can access research and analytics through an online tool. You can search by analyst, industry, country, individual, company, periodical or language. You can also set up personalized notifications using a diverse set of criteria, and be alerted via email and the Notifications page when new research publications are available.  For more information, contact your Credit Suisse representative.

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