General Information




Significant strategic or controlling stakes in established market-leading, middle-market companies of the GCC (as defined below)


Member countries of the Gulf Cooperative Council (“GCC”), which includes Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Yemen PRC

Investment Size

$25 million – $75 million

Investment Approach

Gulf represents a strategic alliance between Gulf Capital Pvt. JSC (“Gulf Capital”), a leading Abu Dhabi-based investment management firm, and Credit Suisse. Gulf seeks to take advantage of the GCC’s strong, emerging market economic and demographic growth prospects, which includes one of the highest GDP per capita levels in the world. Gulf has targeted several industry segments that it believes offer the best private investment opportunities based upon their growth profile, relatively high barriers to entry and defensive, counter-cyclical characteristics: water and power; healthcare; media and telecom; education, oil and gas; construction; financial services; and logistics and transportation. Gulf Capital has access to proprietary deal flow, enhanced by its network of 250 local, prominent shareholders, its unique senior industry advisory board and its strong relationship with Credit Suisse.

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