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Discretionary Management 



  • Multi-strategy
  • Directional: Emerging Markets, Equities Long/Short, Equities Market Neutral
  • Relative Value: Fixed Income, Convertible Arbitrage, Multi-Strategy, Emerging Strategy
  • Tactical Trading: Macro, Commodities, Managed Futures
  • Event Driven: Merger Arbitrage, Event Driven Equities, Long/Short Credit, Distressed


  • Global
  • G7
  • US
  • European
  • Country-Specific

Investment Size


Investment Approach


The SAPIC suite enables institutional investors to access an extended range of managers, through both core and satellite investment strategies. The capability was incepted in 1998 and aims to achieve consistent positive returns, overall low volatility and low correlation to equity and fixed income markets. The strategy is diversified, with investments across virtually all hedge fund strategies.

Credit Suisse Prime Select Trust (Lux) SICAV

The Credit Suisse Prime Select Trust (Lux) family offers investors access to a range of fund of hedge fund solutions with high liquidity terms and low minimum investments. All Credit Suisse Prime Select Trust (Lux) products are UCIs (so-called Part II funds under the Luxembourg law on UCIs), registered and approved for public distribution in Luxembourg and Switzerland. Strategies include Multi-strategy, G7 Equity Long/Short, European Strategies and Event Driven.

U.S. Onshore Strategies

Credit Suisse offers U.S. investors the opportunity to benefit from Credit Suisse’s extensive experience in alternative investments through its U.S. onshore registered hedge fund of funds.

Thematic Products

The active hedge fund of funds business can also deliver a range of thematic programs to address institutional and private investors’ satellite allocation. Strategies include distressed, diversified agriculture and other geography or single strategy-focused products.

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