General Information

Customized Mandates 



  • Directional: Emerging Markets, Equities Long/Short, Equities Market Neutral
  • Relative Value: Fixed Income, Convertible Arbitrage, Multi-Strategy, Emerging Strategy
  • Tactical Trading: Macro, Commodities, Managed Futures
  • Event Driven: Merger Arbitrage, Event Driven Equities, Long/Short Credit, Distressed
  • Niche strategies



Investment Size


Investment Approach

Credit Suisse’s customized hedge fund solutions platform offers institutional clients fully-customized portfolios providing solutions for both new entrants and established investors.  The construction of the portfolio is developed from a highly collaborative relationship with the client to establish specific risk/return profiles or fit particular investment constraints. Once determined, the management of the portfolio is left to the discretion of Credit Suisse hedge fund professionals. The platform benefits from Credit Suisse’s extensive global infrastructure and dedicated teams with solid experience in each field, from strategy and fund research, portfolio construction, to due diligence, legal and risk monitoring.

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