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Indirect Real Estate

Our Indirect Real Estate team invests in developed real estate markets worldwide, seeking attractive returns with moderate volatility. Real estate provides good diversification against other asset classes and, on a long-term basis, some protection against inflation.

Adding value

By exploiting market inefficiencies, we can create substantial added value. Actively and independently of benchmarks, we generate alpha through strategic asset allocation across countries and sectors, as well as fundamental analysis, and by selecting the right managers and vehicles.

A choice of portfolios

We offer a range of products and customized mandates investing in listed and nonlisted markets:

  • Global nonlisted real estate
  • Global listed real estate
  • Swiss and global listed real estate
  • Swiss listed and nonlisted real estate

Our approach prioritizes preservation of capital and a positive return for the investor over the long term.


  • Limited liquidity compared to listed investment products
  • Real estate fund values may fluctuate (e.g. because of changes in economic circumstances, interest rate developments or unfavorable local market conditions)
  • Risks associated with the purchase, financing, ownership, operation and sale of real estate
  • Legal and tax risks associated with investments in real estate funds