Balanced Solutions Wealth Management Funds

Wealth Management Funds

You can choose to pursue your investment goals through our range of funds. These give you access to our investment process even if you have a small portfolio.

Wealth Management Funds

Today’s financial markets are more complex than ever. Opportunities abound, but so do risks. Staying up to date is more than a full-time job.

With our full range of wealth management funds (or multi asset funds), which are all in line with the highest professional standards, we will do that work for you. The Credit Suisse Investment Process progresses from strategic views to the details of the portfolio. There is return potential in every step. Risk analysis and risk management are integrated and constantly reviewed.

Below are a few examples of the strategies available:

  • Global strategies – seeking global diversified exposures across all asset classes
  • Income-generating strategies – seeking global investments that generate above-average income
  • Sustainability strategies – seeking investments that are screened for sustainability criteria