Pure-play investing in the digital transformation of education

Why invest in edutainment?

We develop skills and acquire knowledge best when we are actively engaged in the learning process. Edutainment brings the solutions, content, systems and tools that enable the world of digital media and entertainment into an educational setting. This in turn makes the learning process not only more cost-efficient and scalable, but also more personal, interactive and effective.

What is more, innovations provided by edutainment are making education more accessible and affordable for people everywhere. Digital solutions can reach students in remote regions of the world at a fraction of the costs of the traditional approach, aligning well with the United Nations’ 4th Sustainable Development Goal.

The digitalization of society and the spread of automation also imply fundamental changes to job profiles worldwide and drive a need for continuous retraining and upskilling. Innovative solutions and technologies can help address these issues, providing the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere.

Why now?

The education industry – one of the largest and most important sectors of the global economy – is on the cusp of a digital revolution. In the era of automation, digitalization and artificial intelligence, new and more efficient forms of education delivery are starting to emerge, redefining our understanding of what education is, who provides it and how.

Disruptive innovation is starting to transform the education industry, helping to lower costs, improve quality and broaden access to learning. No wonder then that the global educational technology market is expected to grow at 17% compound annual growth rate, reaching USD 252 billion by 2020.1 Many companies are starting to perceive this trend as a tremendous business opportunity. The Credit Suisse (Lux) Edutainment Equity Fund aims to give investors exposure to this enormous potential.