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Thematic Equity Investing

Now is the time

Cut through the daily chatter, and the big picture resolves itself into identifiable megatrends. Demographic developments are affecting global trade flows. Technological breakthroughs are creating new economic sectors and disrupting traditional industries. Knock-on effects are shifting the demand structure of the global economy. And these changes bring unknown risks, which in turn require new solutions. Today, more than ever, the future belongs to those who are able to focus on the big themes.

Aligning equity investments with the themes and trends of progress is, in our view, a compelling idea and a way of ensuring diversification in your portfolio. In doing so, investors are able to benefit from the possibilities of true, real-world innovation and the power of inexorable change as manifested in the global equity markets.

Invest in the big stories

Themes can be based on technological revolutions, trends in society and even historical shifts on a global scale. We invite you to explore the world of thematic equity investing at Credit Suisse with five prime examples of how we have successfully implemented this idea – and fiver of our best investment solutions.

  • Robotics
  • Security and Safety
  • Digital Health
  • Edutainment
  • Environmetal Impact