Global Investments in Asset Classes with Attractive Distributions Credit Suisse (Lux) Global High Income Fund USD

Credit Suisse (Lux) Global High Income Fund USD

Target distribution of 5% per year1

The Credit Suisse (Lux) Global High Income Fund USD is an actively managed, global multi asset class fund that aims to achieve a regular annual distribution of 5%1. It invests flexibly in high-yielding securities that become available across the various asset classes. These include corporate, high-yield, and emerging market bonds as well as high-dividend equities, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and master limited partnerships (MLPs). Focus is placed here on liquid securities with regular, stable distributions. The portfolio’s composition may vary over time depending on the market assessment of the portfolio managers, who look out to ensure broad diversification and that investment risks are limited.


  • There is no guarantee that losses can be avoided or that investment objectives can be met.
  • Portfolio performance will be dependent on investment decisions made by Credit Suisse.
  • Foreign exchange risk may have an effect on portfolio performance.
  • Some of the fund assets may display higher volatility (e.g. noninvestment-grade bonds). Please note the following relationship in particular: the higher the volatility, the greater the price fluctuation and the more risky the investment, especially in respect of short-term investments.
  • The fund may invest in derivatives, provided it complies with the investment principles set out in the prospectus. Please note that investments in derivatives may be highly complex and reflect a high level of risk.