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  1. How China Is on Its Way to the Top of the World

    How China Is on Its Way to the Top of the World

    After the US, China is already the world’s second biggest economy. China’s gross domestic product (GDP) climbed by 6.9% in 2017. Above-average growth is also forecast for the coming years thanks to more research, more innovation, and greater efficiency.

  2. Robotics and Automation

    Robotics and Automation: A Long-Term Investment Theme?

    The global market for robotics technology is expected to grow by around 10% a year between now and 2025. Supported by this growth, the investment universe of robotics companies could generate higher returns in the long run than the broader equity market.1

  3. Toll Roads

    Toll Roads: One Possible Solution to Limited Public Finances

    The need for infrastructure spending is omnipresent, especially in the area of transportation. Credit Suisse Asset Management is examining ways to benefit from such opportunities e.g. listed companies that might profit from government contracts in the area of transportation.

  4. Investing in the Source: Automation Technologies Are the Next Big Thing

    As automation technologies gain ground, investors will see gains in companies that adopt robotics and artificial intelligence. But the real opportunity comes from investing in those that develop and maintain such technologies.

  5. Investing in Technology

    Investing in Technology: A Brief Guide to its Evolution

    The technology of tomorrow points us towards a smart, automated, robotic world. Artificial intelligence has brought innovation to virtually every sector in the economy. Investment opportunities in technology have been growing rapidly and are finally ready to go mainstream. 

  6. Airports: Central Hubs for Steadily Growing Air Traffic

    Election promises on fiscal policy in the US and Europe have given fresh impetus to infrastructure investments, especially since infrastructure maintenance and expansion have for years been restricted by limited financial resources.

  7. Energy Conservation: A Necessary Pillar of Any Energy Plan

    We all use energy in different forms throughout the day. While we are often not aware of our energy consumption, no matter what we do, energy is a part of it.

  8. Robotics, Security & Safety. The rise of antibiotic resistance

    On 28th September 1928 a piece of mold fortuitously contaminated a petri dish in Alexander Fleming’s laboratory at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

  9. Fixed Income Strategies to Strengthen Your Portfolio

    There is palpable sense among investors that old paradigms are shifting, and that this could cause volatility in economic indicators, interest rates and markets.

  10. Robotics, Security & Safety: Cheaper with Greater Performance

    In the November edition of Thematic Insights we explored some of the advances in technology, in particular semiconductors and sensors, which are enabling robots to perform a much broader range of tasks than have been feasible in the past.