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  1. Located among the vineyards of Ticino, the senior citizens’ residence Al Vigneto features apartments and care rooms that are tailored to the specific needs of older people.

    Buildings and health: Designs for well-being

    The way spaces are designed affects our well-being. This is the basis of the notion of “healing architecture”, which involves designing buildings with a focus on well-being in an effort to create a positive influence on the health of those who reside in them.

  2. Finding the next unicorn

    The future of learning is EdTech

    The quarantining of more than a billion students and their teachers worldwide has resulted in unprecedented experimentation with education technology (EdTech), and interest in the sector has soared.

  3. Fight climate change. Create opportunities for return.

    In response to feedback from numerous investors, MSCI will begin fine-tuning its ESG Leaders methodology in December 2020. The climate-risk profile will be improved while comparability among the individual ESG indices will be enhanced. This means that our sustainable Credit Suisse Equity Index Funds, which replicate the ESG Leaders indices, will also become more climate-friendly and generally more sustainable.

  4. Finding the next unicorn

    Finding the next unicorn

    A Thematic Private Market Equity approach enables investors to gain access to growth businesses before they go public.

  5. Unlocking the power of distributed ledger technology in fund distribution

    Credit Suisse Asset Management is rapidly moving forward with digitalization and is investing in FundsDLT, a distributed ledger technology-based platform for investment fund distribution. The main winners are clients, who save time and money.

  6. New minimum volatility ETF. Low risk, sustainable, daily tradable.

    A glance at today’s headlines shows that COVID-19 and the uncertainty it is creating on the markets are far from over. In turbulent times such as these, many investors want to shore up their portfolios and hedge against major fluctuations. 

  7. Growing demand for specialty real estate

    Trends such as digitalization and e-commerce are progressively changing the opportunities that are available for investing in real estate abroad – in particular in specialty real estate. Investors can engage in this trend through indirect real estate investments.

  8. Nordic tailwinds

    Investments in energy infrastructure promise stable long-term cash flows while contributing to a sustained transformation of the energy system. Wind farms with long-term power purchase agreements are a good example. Institutional investors can hold stakes in facilities such as these.

  9. Putting a message behind the picture

    With humanity facing urgent environmental and social challenges, Yann Arthus-Bertrand employs the power of photography to foster change. His GoodPlanet foundation promotes ecology and solidarity while engaging in projects to boost sustainability efforts worldwide. In an interview with Scope, he explains the role that both individuals and companies have to play in safeguarding the planet for future generations.

  10. Convertible bonds – the best of both worlds

    In this entry in our series of interviews on current topics, Senior Portfolio Manager Lukas Buxtorf talks about convertible bonds, an asset class that combines features of both bonds and equities and thus occupies a unique position in the investment landscape.