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  1. Winners – why sustainable real estate pays off in the long term

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that buildings are responsible for one-third of all CO2 emissions, 40% of energy consumption and 50% of the consumption of all natural resources. Sustainability considerations are therefore a core element of investment decisions.

  2. Millennials’ values

    Millennials’ values

    Recently, consumer analysts and strategists have observed how consumer companies are aggressively targeting their product developments, marketing, and sales initiatives at the new generation, the millennials. Generation Y (20–35 years of age) and Z (below 20 years of age) are increasingly shaping future consumption as well as investment and business trends.

  3. Green is healthy. Also for bonds in the portfolio.

    Green is healthy. Also for bonds in the portfolio.

    Green bonds allow investors to combine their financial interests with direct contributions to environmental and climate protection. The green bond market is a rapidly growing segment with high potential. Clarity is ensured through consensus on definitions and a longstanding track record. Ideal access is offered to investors through a combination of professional investment processes, traditional selection criteria, and sustainability aspects.

  4. Real Estate Strategies: Focus on the European real estate cycle

    Real Estate Strategies: Focus on the European real estate cycle

    Commercial real estate markets in Europe are still in excellent shape. The economic drivers are intact, rental price growth is positive in most locations while supply risks are limited.

  5. Sustainable investing. MSCI Enabled.

    Sustainable investing. MSCI Enabled.

    Already prior to the introduction of ESG as a compelling investment approach, another relevant development took place in the financial sector: indexing. Advances in technology and finance have today made it possible to create an index quickly and efficiently using virtually any criteria whatsoever, an index that can be exactly replicated in a corresponding passive fund.

  6. Performance and sustainability. In harmony.

    Performance and sustainability. In harmony.

    Integrating environmental, social and corporate governance factors into operational management is not a luxury anymore, and it hasn’t been for some time now. In fact, companies that do so achieve better and more sustainable results compared to the broader market.

  7. Discover London Chinese Real Estate Investors Are Reshaping Their Preferences

    Discover London. Chinese Real Estate Investors Are Reshaping Their Preferences

    Real estate has become an increasingly important part of the asset allocation of both (U)HNWI and international investors over the past decade. While cross-border capital in real estate markets has historically been predominantly of US and European origin, this pattern has shifted since the Great Financial Crisis.

  8. How China Is on Its Way to the Top of the World

    How China Is on Its Way to the Top of the World

    After the US, China is already the world’s second biggest economy. China’s gross domestic product (GDP) climbed by 6.9% in 2017. Above-average growth is also forecast for the coming years thanks to more research, more innovation, and greater efficiency.

  9. Robotics and Automation

    Robotics and Automation: A Long-Term Investment Theme?

    The global market for robotics technology is expected to grow by around 10% a year between now and 2025. Supported by this growth, the investment universe of robotics companies could generate higher returns in the long run than the broader equity market.1

  10. Toll Roads

    Toll Roads: One Possible Solution to Limited Public Finances

    The need for infrastructure spending is omnipresent, especially in the area of transportation. Credit Suisse Asset Management is examining ways to benefit from such opportunities e.g. listed companies that might profit from government contracts in the area of transportation.