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  1. COVID-19 crisis: a real estate perspective

    In an open forum, we gather the thoughts of Christoph Schumacher, Head of Global Real Estate, on the recent performance trends and potential opportunities in the world of real estate investment.

  2. COVID-19 crisis: an equity perspective

    In an open forum, we gather the thoughts of Filippo Rima, Head of Equities, on the unfolding fundamentals, trend shifts, and potential opportunities in the world of equity-based investment.

  3. Credit Suisse Asset Management gets serious on ESG

    Credit Suisse Asset Management is undertaking a systematic and comprehensive realignment of its investment strategies and product portfolio, in addition to integrating ESG criteria into its investment process. 

  4. Klybeck: From an industrial park to a new residential neighborhood.

    In the northern part of Basel, a new neighborhood is being built in the Klybeck industrial zone. A consortium of real estate specialists, including Credit Suisse Asset Management's Global Real Estate unit, is combining forces to develop the largest former industrial site in Switzerland. It is an innovative model for major projects of this kind in the future.

  5. COVID-19 crisis: a fixed-income perspective

    In an open forum, we gather the thoughts of Luc Mathys, Head of Fixed Income, on the unfolding fundamentals and potential opportunities in the world of fixed-income investment.

  6. Implications of COVID-19 to the Digital Health Theme

    Interview with Pascal Mercier about the current implications of the COVID-19 crisis to the Digital Health theme.

  7. Flying has never been safer

    People often say that the most dangerous part of flying is the drive to the airport. On the face of it, racing 100 tons of metal along a narrow runway at up to 300 kmh with over 300 people and 50 tons of flammable fuel on board doesn't sound terribly safe.

  8. ETFs and index funds: What investors should know

    Indexed investments have grown in popularity. While attention in the last few years had mainly concentrated on exchange-traded funds (ETFs), the focus has recently shifted to include index funds as well. Both product classes are transparent, cost-efficient investment options, yet they differ from one another and have their own specific advantages.

  9. Edutainment. An example of Education Technology in China.

    EdTech: solving the bottlenecks in the Chinese education system.

  10. Sustainable investments – from niche to mainstream

    Niche, mainstream, supertrend – sustainable investment is on everyone’s lips these days. The number of available ESG funds1 has grown exponentially, especially in the last three years. Providers that do not yet have ESG investments on offer are increasingly operating at a competitive disadvantage. Credit Suisse Index Solutions was one of the first providers to launch a whole range of sustainable index funds.