General Information


PrimeTrade is an internet and intranet based, real-time, global trading platform that provides enhanced electronic access to Listed Derivatives; US Treasury Bonds; as well as global Foreign Exchange products.

NOTE: PrimeTrade is available to registered Credit Suisse clients who have agreed to and signed the PrimeTrade License Agreement. 

Listed Derivatives

PrimeTrade provides Credit Suisse clients with direct access to the international listed derivative exchanges via Credit Suisse's global exchange memberships.

PrimeTrade's listed derivative component allows clients to submit, monitor and execute both simple orders and strategies 24-hours a day.

Straight-through Processing (STP) of listed derivative business can be achieved by utilizing Credit Suisse's integrated PrimeView application in conjunction with PrimeTrade, thereby increasing the front to back control and efficiency of your listed derivatives business. 

U.S. Treasury Bonds

PrimeTrade provides competitive real-time prices and execution in US Treasury Bonds directly from Credit Suisse's market makers. PrimeTrade's US Bonds include all Treasury benchmark issues. 

Foreign Exchange

PrimeTrade FX offers our clients access to Credit Suisse Foreign Exchange liquidity through a wide range of execution tools:

  • Streaming prices
  • Request-for-Stream
  • Algorithmic orders (AES)
  • FX Limit Orders

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