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Why choose a Private Mandate?

You enjoy the reassurance of having one of the world’s most trusted financial institutions manage your investments according to your preferred objectives. Your Credit Suisse Relationship Manager understands you and helps you select the right portfolio strategy to meet your risk tolerance and financial needs. With the experience of a premium private bank and the capabilities of a global investment bank, a Private Mandate gives you the peace of mind of having well-qualified, seasoned managers looking after your investments.

What does the Private Mandate include?

You consult with your Relationship Manager and select the portfolio strategy that is right for you: Preserve, Yield, Balanced, Growth or Long-Term Growth. Each is clearly defined, and designed to match your investment style, risk tolerance and investment objectives, with the level of customization that is right for you. You have the confidence of knowing that the investment approach you have chosen is managed according to clear objectives aligned to your needs.

How does the investment process work and who is responsible?

The Credit Suisse seasoned global investment team manages your portfolio according to an asset allocation strategy or a clearly defined set of investment rules designed by the Credit Suisse Chief Investment Officer, regional investment officers and specialists. Their disciplined investment process offers multiple sources of investment performance, with constant monitoring and managing of risk. They are ready to respond and adapt to changing markets through their choice of asset classes, regions, sectors and currencies - while keeping you informed.

What are the risks?

  • Returns depend on the strategy, asset allocation, securities and correct market views.
  • No capital protection or return guarantee nor guaranteed achievement of investment objectives.
  • The liquidity of the instruments depends on the product and the respective market environment.
  • Results may be affected by the performance of foreign currencies.
  • Market developments can influence the portfolio and result in losses.

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