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Selecting Your Own Private Mandate.

Your Private Mandate is designed to help you achieve your investment objectives. You can trust your Relationship Manager to take the time to know you, your financial needs and preferences. And the deep expertise of Credit Suisse investment professionals working on your behalf every day will add to your peace of mind.

First, consult with your Relationship Manager
You determine which of the five available Private Mandate strategies suits you best to meet your investment objectives.

Second, customize your Private Mandate
Your mandate will match your investment style, risk tolerance and financial goals, according to the choices you make.

Third, we manage your Private Mandate
We select suitable financial products to help your reach your goals by using the bank’s broad, global investment expertise in a structured and disciplined investment process.

Five Compelling Strategies:

  • Preserve
    Seeks capital preservation using a conservative approach.
  • Yield
    Seeks income generation while also generating some capital gains through selected equity investments; option with regular payout.
  • Balanced
    Seeks long-term capital appreciation, balancing risk and return.
  • Growth
    Seeks long-term capital growth by capturing the full potential of equity markets while maintaining an anchor in bonds.
  • Long-Term Growth
    Seeks high rate of long-term capital growth

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