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Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the study of past price and volume action in order to forecast the future direction of a given market.  It is applicable to any liquid asset class over a variety of time frames – tick through to multi-year. A technical analyst believes that all the known information is already reflected in the price of the given asset; that asset markets move between trending, non-trending, and mean-reverting phases; and that human psychology is a key driver of price development.

At Credit Suisse, we combine classic charting techniques with the application of select statistical indicators applied to a range of bespoke Credit Suisse data indices, such as Global Risk Appetite and World Wealth. We focus particularly on applying technical analysis to highlight key macro themes, risk trades and cross-asset correlations. We take a holistic and multi-asset approach to markets.

We offer a wide range of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications covering fixed income, FX, equity, and commodity markets as well as our flagship 'Weekly Macro Chartbook'. In addition, we produce a variety of ad hoc 'Trade Idea' and 'Spotlight' publications.

The team also provides a comprehensive education program via its TA University. This ranges from bespoke one-hour sessions to full-day classroom tutorials, covering all the major charting techniques and disciplines, and is run globally for a wide range of clients.

For more information on technical analysis, please contact the Technical Analysis Team.

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