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Credit Suisse provides current information on various channels.

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Investor Relations & Media

The app allows users to view and download annual and quarterly financial reports and presentations, read the latest media releases and follow live-streaming conferences and presentations. Furthermore, the app provides access to real-time share price information, financial news and a financial event calendar. This App is only available in English.


The Credit Suisse "Panorama" Application offers timely and insightful research, economic and market perspectives to our users globally. Users will require version 5.0 of iOS to launch the app, which is free to download. This app is only available in English.

Structured Products

The Credit Suisse "Structured Products" App enables you to easily access Structured Products and Warrants from Credit Suisse as well as from selected third party banks. This application is only available in English. 

Financial Center

This application provides an overview of the activities performed by Credit Suisse and the multifaceted commitment of both the Bank and the financial center in Switzerland. In addition, this application illustrates with charts, facts and figures the contribution made by the financial sector to the Swiss economy. This application is available in English, French and German. 

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The "News and Expertise" podcast allows you to view our latest videos wherever and whenever you choose.

RSS Feeds

The Credit Suisse RSS (Really Simply Syndication) feed allows you to view our current content together with content from your other favorite news websites at a single glace. Simply select the "News & Expertise" feed which interests you and start reading.

News & Expertise

The main "News & Expertise" feed covers everything from economic trends, to banking and investing. It offers expert advice, in-depth analysis, interviews and feature articles.


The latest global economic trends including digitalization, emerging markets, innovation in business and geopolitical risks.


Advice and insights into investment strategies, responsible investing and top investment ideas.


Activities within Credit Suisse and the banking industry including regulatory changes, strategic initiatives and corporate governance.


Innovative entrepreneurs share how they started their businesses and became successful.


Trends in society and the bank's commitment to sustainability, corporate responsibility, sponsorship and culture.


Updates on the Swiss market, economy, finance and society.