Invest Lab Reach a wider audience more efficiently

Reach a wider audience more efficiently

Your benefits as a fund provider

One point of contact

As a partner of Credit Suisse InvestLab, you will have just a single point of contact for all administrative activities related to fund distribution. We manage the entire cycle on your behalf, from raw data collection to contract management.

We have a complete information management and data dissemination solution. We collect, process, and distribute static and dynamic fund data, as well as fund documents on a fully integrated platform.

You will always have an updated, accurate and transparent view of your products’ sales performance. Our granular, value-added reports on sales, holdings, documentation gaps and service quality will help you develop fully optimized product strategies and enhance your position as a reliable business partner.

Count on us to handle the entire lifecycle management of distribution agreements, from on-boarding to the exit of agreements, so you can stay focused on your core business.

You will have the opportunity to get access to a series of exclusive meetings and dedicated events with Credit Suisse’s internal and external distributors and in-house top management. This will help you build your business networks and also strengthen your partnership with us.