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Empowering you to succeed

Credit Suisse InvestLab
Empowering you to succeed

Welcome to a world of funds, all in one place

We are a one-stop investment product platform that brings together a wide range of fund providers and distributors on an integrated platform, enhances fund distribution globally and helps you succeed in your investment business. Our platform offers access to over 46,000 investment instruments from more than 170 providers worldwide.*

Our vision

To be the leading global investment product platform setting the benchmark in platform services.

Our mission

  • To bring together fund providers and distributors in one of the largest B2B fund platforms world-wide.
  • To offer a complete package of services to enable the distribution of funds.
  • To release our business partners from the distribution infrastructure workload, ranging from data collection to contract management, thereby allowing them to focus on and succeed in their core investment business. 

The solution at a glance

Credit Suisse InvestLab brings to you state of the art services that facilitate and optimize the B2B distribution of a wide range of investment products.

  • For fund providers
  • For fund distributors

*Depending on domicile