Loans and Advances Abridged Interest Rate Model of Credit Suisse Finance (India) Private Limited

Abridged Interest Rate Model of Credit Suisse Finance (India) Private Limited

Applicable Regulations

Policy on rate of interest has been formulated to comply with the following regulations and guidance:

  • Circular number DNBS.PD/CC.No.95/03.05.002/2006-07 dated May 24, 2007, issued by RBI.
  • Notification number DNBS.204/CGM(ASR)-2009 dated January 2, 2009 issued by RBI.
  • Other applicable guidelines, notifications, circulars (if any) on rate of interest issued by RBI and/or any other regulatory authority from time to time.

Parameters For Determining Interest Rate And Applicable Rates

Rate of interest is determined by CS Finance on the basis of various factors including but not limited to cost of funds, matching tenure cost, internal rating, internal returns threshold, regulatory policies / environment, inherent credit and default risk in the product and the clients, nature and value of primary and collateral securities, haircut margin, carrying cost, operating cost, etc.

CS Finance adopts discrete interest rate model / policy whereby the rate of interest for each disbursement would be evaluated independently giving due consideration to any or a combination of a few or all factors listed above.

Besides interest, other financial charges like processing fees, cheque bouncing charges, pre-payment / foreclosure charges, part disbursement charges, cheque swaps, cash handling charges, RTGS / other remittance charges, commitment fees, charges on various other services like issuing NO DUES certificate, NOC, letters ceding charges on assets / security, security swap & exchange charges etc. would be levied by the Company wherever considered necessary. Beside the base charges, the service tax and other cess would be collected at applicable rates from time to time. These charges would be decided by respective business heads in consultation with Operations, Financial Accounting and General Counsel Departments.

For indicative rate of interest for each category of product currently offered by CS Finance please click here.

Rates of interest on above website are indicative and the Management of the Company reserve the right to change the same from time to time based on the market conditions, internal credit policies or any other factor as it may deem appropriate. These indicative rates of interest are applicable for plain vanilla loan(s) / advance(s) only. Loan(s) or advance(s) with coupon linked to other factors such as performance of equity, etc. may differ from above indicative rates.