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Non-Discretionary Mandates

Successful investment management can take up an enormous amount of time - but it does not have to.

Take advantage of a strategy that puts you at its heart. All aspects are geared to your objectives and your needs.

The financial market developments of recent years have shown that professional and flexible asset management is an indispensable requirement if the right investment decision is to be made at the right time. This is precisely where our Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management comes into its own.

Your Objectives as Priority

With Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management, your money is invested in a way that is suited to the prevailing market situation, and you have complete control over investment decisions.

Consistent Market Proximity

The investment strategy is regularly monitored by our strategy experts.

Your Additional Benefit: Time

You save yourself the enormous amount of effort that is required nowadays for professional and lucrative portfolio management.

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