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Family Office

Partnering with your family office in Israel

Although every family office has unique requirements, common themes include finding investment solutions that go beyond traditional investment services and managing substantial and complex portfolios.

We have seen a distinct acceleration in the establishment of family offices around the world. Location aside, there are several common motivations behind setting up a family office – mitigating family conflicts, preserving family wealth, consolidating assets, ensuring intergenerational wealth transfer, dealing with a sudden liquidity influx, and increasing wealth management efficiency among others. Another reason for the emergence of family offices is the desire to increase control over their investments and fiduciary affairs while reducing complexity.

Family Office
Family Office history

Since 1856, Credit Suisse has had the privilege to serve the wealth management needs of the most select families from around the globe. Our family office experts have built a track record in strengthening wealthy families’ ability to preserve, grow, and transfer their legacy across generations and market cycles.


Our services for family offices

Your Relationship Manager is your point of entry to our global resources. They can deliver investment advice, execute complex trades and, where appropriate, introduce you to the services of our Investment Bank.

We do not provide tax advice, but we will work with your tax and legal advisors to make sure your wealth planning takes everything into account. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances. You should seek independent tax advice.

To arrange a meeting or to find out more:

Download our White Paper “Family Office Dynamic”

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Excellence in Leadership in Western Europe


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