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Credit Suisse Financial Services (Israel) Ltd. offers a wide range of attractive products and solutions.

A Range of Strategies

Our representatives work closely with our team of investment specialists to provide exemplary strategies in the following areas:


Credit Suisse Financial Services (Israel) Ltd. provides easy access and an extensive execution platform to global equity markets.

Foreign Exchange

If you regularly use the foreign exchange markets to hedge currency exposure of an international portfolio, Credit Suisse have the highly efficient trading facilities you need. The key to successful trading in the FX markets is not only to generate informed ideas or strategies, but also to identify entry levels, profit / review levels and stop-loss levels:

  • Entry points with stops, forwards and options
  • Profit / review levels
  • Most importantly from a risk management perspective – stop loss levels

Alternative Investments

  • Access to top-quartile private equity funds
  • Opportunity to invest in funds requiring significantly lower capital than investing directly with individual managers
  • Comprehensive due diligence process sourcing star performance opportunities across the hedge fund universe
  • Providing exposure to fund-of-hedge-fund products
  • Investments for individuals in leading, index-based, institutional hedge fund products with the benefit of total transparency

Structured Products

We offer an extremely diverse range of structured products which is tailored to all clients with varying investment requirements:

  • Full or contingent capital-protected strategies with equities, fixed income, commodities or foreign exchange
  • Maturities from 6 months to 12 years
  • Tailored structures for specific requests

Fixed Income

  • Strategies focus on all fixed income products
  • Currency related combinations

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