Sustainable Investing Low-carbon, high return. How to decarbonize your portfolio in 4 steps.

Low-carbon, high return. How to decarbonize your portfolio in 4 steps.

Investors are addressing climate risks and opportunities within their portfolios. How can you ensure that your investments are aligned to a low-carbon future? Our report, The decarbonizing portfolio, tells investors how to do just that.

As the world begins its inevitable shift to a low-carbon economy, investors are taking a closer look at their portfolios in the aim of mitigating their climate-related risk. But climate-proofing a portfolio is also an opportunity to invest in the businesses that are actively contributing to decarbonizing the economy. With sustainable and impact investing strategies now spread across the asset classes, investors have good reason to rethink their portfolios and prepare for the future.

Investing for a low carbon future

Investors should continue avoiding risks and seeking opportunities relating to the disruption that comes with transitioning to a low-carbon economy. They can also be a step ahead in helping to drive this transition, as their capital can speed up the transformation of industries and sectors, and support regulatory and consumer trends. Take tomorrow.

The decarbonizing portfolio

Our report, The decarbonizing portfolio, explains in depth why investor portfolios need to be ready for the inevitable shift to a low-carbon economy. Our research outlines various types of sustainable and impact investing approaches that can help investors prepare. It describes new methodologies to assess risk and opportunity from climate change, and discover steps investors can take to decarbonize their portfolio now to reap the benefits in the long run.

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decarbonizing your portfolio

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