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Global Next Generation Report

As the Next Generation faces the growing responsibility of inheriting their families' business, wealth or legacies, the report "Creating a world with the Next Generation", a collaboration between Credit Suisse and the Young Investors Organization (YIO), provides a unique look into the NextGen's expectations, needs and ambitions.

The coming decade is set to bring fundamental changes: Shifting demographics and the tech revolution are soon generating an enormous changeover from one generation to another. In the process, social and economic elements are increasingly influencing the priorities and transforming the meaning of wealth for upcoming successors: the Next Generation.

The NextGen has a strong desire to make a positive impact. On the environment or society as a whole. We at Credit Suisse want to understand these ambitions and challenges by working together. Only then can we support them to realize their goals and vision for the future.

To start a journey to find better solutions for the issues involved in cross-generational actions, we partnered with the Young Investors Organization (YIO), a global community of over 1500 future leaders from 55 countries, and listened to what the members and their families had to say.

The report

The result is an honest and comprehensive report containing actual data from a global survey of over 200 YIO members and their families, including expert advice based on their obtained input.

Private stories of real life situations faced by some of the YIO families, as the new generation comes on board, enrich the report. They demonstrate that, by asking the big and potentially scary questions in life and opening up the dialogue between two very different generations, meaningful solutions for families and their businesses can be created.

The insights

The survey results and family interviews provide unprecedented quantified data on the importance of starting these individual family conversations now.

The Next Generation:

  • is split on their intentions to take over the family business
  • often feels burdened by their family’s expectations
  • is by the majority interested but not invested in sustainability and impact investing
  • feels it is important to follow their passions
  • feels that their family should have more open conversations about wealth and succession planning
  • will transform the role of the wealth manager to one including a broader role across all life stages

The Power of the Next Generation

In the next few decades, it is estimated that over USD 40 trillion of wealth will transfer to the next generation. This next generation, on the brink of moving into the driver’s seat of their inheritance, is seeking more than an old-school banking relationship. This is especially true after the global financial crisis in 2008, which strained the relationship between banks and their clients.

“Constant global connectivity, instant digital information and widespread artificial intelligence (AI) will be a reality in all aspects of life for digital natives in the future. The world of wealth management, however, must recognize that it has to follow another path, a more human-driven one, a more personal and emotional one, especially for the top segment of the wealth pyramid and in particular for their heirs,” says Viola Steinhoff Werner, Head of Credit Suisse's newly launched Global Next Generation and Families department.

Next Generation at the World Economic Forum 2019

What does the next generation of entrepreneurs, top managers of established multi-national businesses, investment professionals and global philanthropists have in common? The mission to change the world.

Watch here the interview with Tandean Rustandy, Founder and CEO of PT Arwana Citramulia, Febyan Rustandy, Head Marketing of PT Arwana Citramulia and Iqbal Khan, CEO of International Wealth Management at Credit Suisse. The discussion was moderated by Viola Steinhoff Werner during the WEF 2019 in Davos where Credit Suisse hosted an event together with the Young Investors Organization.

Money and its soft facts. Ensuring harmonious succession in families.

Viola Steinhoff Werner, Head of the Global Next Generation and Families department, and Wolfgang Jenewein, Professor for Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), explain the opportunities and soft facts which come with inheriting and how the Young Investor Program (YIP) aids them to cope with this dilemma and to achieve a winning cross-generational succession.

Educational programs


Young Investor Program (YIP)

The Young Investor Program aims to provide a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the financial markets and to give a thorough grounding in the key concepts of wealth management. It also aims to help next generation members who are about to assume an important investment responsibility to understand how these concepts are best applied in a practical situation. Teaching techniques are varied; they consist of a combination of lectures, discussions, group exercises and case studies, and an investment game. The course covers various asset classes and investment decisions.

Family Ties

The Family Ties Program is a unique educational program that provides the latest insights from leaders in the financial services industry on managing wealth within a family business. It provides a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the financial markets and educates participants in key wealth management concepts. The program is designed and continuously adjusted to help individuals who will assume an important investment responsibility in the near future. Our goal is to help you understand best practices of wealth management and effectively face any challenges you may encounter.

Next Generation Network

Young Investor Organization (YIO)

The YIO is committed to supporting the NextGen as they find themselves at important crossroads in their lives. Founded in 2007, the YIO is now a global network of future leaders with over 1,500 members from more than 55 countries. Over the years, the YIO has developed a wide range of activities and established different programs with partners like Credit Suisse (founding partner), the Milken Institute and others. As the main sponsor of the YIO, Credit Suisse has helped build a vital ecosystem for the NextGen. Its goal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge across and within generations, and learn more about the needs and priorities of the NextGen, so that it can be a trusted and competent partner to them. Credit Suisse's goal is to give YIO members the space to engage with each other and flourish, while stepping back to listen and learn how it can best support the NextGen in their journey through life.

The Voice of the Next Generation

Impact Investing: Building Bridges across Generations

A major factor that unites the Next Generation and differentiates them from previous generations is a sense of global connectivity combined with a feeling of collective responsibility for the well-being of the world. In terms of investments, this distinct millennial philosophy means that they do not just care about financial returns. Iqbal Khan, CEO International Wealth Management, Valerie Rockefeller, Chair Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Justin Rockefeller, Board Member of Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The ImPact, and Global Director of Family Offices and Foundations at Addepar discuss the impact that Millennials want to see in their investments.

Coming soon: Global Report – Creating a World for the Next Gen

Our global report on the ambitions and needs of the Next Generation and their families will be published in March. The report will capture insights on the goals and concerns of the next generation across finance, family, business and legacy.

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