Learn more about market trends The 2019 Global lnvestment Returns Yearbook: 119 years of financial history and analysis.

The 2019 Global lnvestment Returns Yearbook: 119 years of financial history and analysis.

This comprehensive annual study covers 119 years of financial history and has been produced in collaboration with London Business School's Professors Elroy Dimson and Paul Marsh and Dr. Mike Staunton. The eleventh edition of the report imparts their historical financial expertise analysis with a progressive and integrative view.

From the past


With an ample long-term perspective of current financial developments, this year's edition:

  • Provides a contextual assessment of the immense market volatility experienced in 2018
  • Evaluates the returns and risks from investing in equities, bonds, cash and currencies in 23 countries and three different regions
  • Examines factor investing and the profitability of value vs growth investment styles 
  • Explores in depth the industrial and financial transformations observed in the emerging and frontier equity markets since 1900s

To the future

The research underlines the importance of a diversified portfolio. According to the authors:

  • Based on current population trends and dynamics, emerging markets can only grow in relative importance, providing investors opportunities and risks which must be recognized 
  • China's tenth fold growth in the last twenty years is estimated to continue amplifying its already 30% emerging markets share  
  • Technology's role in investment practices keeps increasing, dominating distribution platforms 
  • The rapid growth of the exchange traded fund (ETF) industry points it outsizing the stock trading market 


The 2019 report delivers insights that complement the work of our own investment analysts and reinforces our long-term commitment in providing financial market performance expertise to investors driving progress in today's business and society.

Summary Edition Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2019

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