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Credit Suisse Financial Services (Israel) Ltd. Disclosure of Linkage to Financial Assets 

In accordance with the Law for Regulation of the Practice of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management, 5755-1995 (the “Advice Law” , this information is provided to you prior to entering into a client agreement and discloses, inter alia, the linkage (as defined in the Advice Law) that Credit Suisse Financial Services (Israel) Ltd. may have to financial assets and its nature.

1. Regulation

We are an Investment Marketer as defined in the Advice Law and hold an Investment Marketer license from the Israel Securities Authority ( “ISA” ).

We are engaging in investment marketing and not in investment advice.

The Advice Law defines “Investment Marketing” as follows: “Advice rendered to others regarding the feasibility of the investment, holding, purchase or sale of securities or of financial assets by an advisor that has a linkage with a financial asset”; for the linkage we may have to financial assets – see below. 

2. Linkage

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Suisse which is a part of the Credit Suisse Group (Credit Suisse, the Credit Suisse Group company and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates will be referred to collectively as the “Credit Suisse Group”).  The Credit Suisse Group manages and issues various financial assets including, inter alia, mutual funds, structures, options and futures and may receive payments, commissions and benefits relating to the management and/or the issuance, as the case may be, of those financial assets. We and/or the Credit Suisse Group may receive payments or obtain benefits (not from you) in connection with the performance of a transaction in a financial asset or in connection with the continued holding thereof, even if such financial assets are of third parties and not of the Credit Suisse Group. We may receive and retain from, and share with the affiliated companies of the Credit Suisse Group, remuneration in respect of transactions effected or investments held on your behalf.

3.Disclosure of Preference

3.1 As stated above, we may provide investment marketing services of products issued by the Credit Suisse Group, including its investment fund companies. In addition, we may provide investment marketing services of financial products issued by third parties where the Credit Suisse Group or us may be entitled to payments from such third parties in connection with the performance of a transaction in such products or in connection with the continued holding thereof.

3.2 In the course of providing investment advice services to you, we may prefer Credit Suisse Group products or such third parties products as stated in section 3.1 above over others in case both are similarly suitable for you.

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