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Our global team helps clients improve their investment processes. The Investment Solutions Group at Credit Suisse applies leading technology solutions and consulting to a broad range of client needs. Our team of specialists provides customized solutions and training on our technology solutions. Our team’s expertise includes the following areas:

  • HOLT® – a team that helps investors make more confident decisions by using our proprietary framework for objective comparison of over 20,000 global companies.
  • Credit Suisse PLUS Analytics (powered by Locus) – a proprietary, market-leading data and analytics platform that provides clients with the ability to view and value securities across asset classes, including fixed income, FX and commodities.
  • PEERS – a proprietary mapping database that helps clients understand the global relationships up and down a supply chain as well as the competition.
  • EDGE – a leading platform that helps traders manage event risks, plan trades, analyze portfolios and hedges and view global market structure. 
  • RAVE – an Excel- and web-based tool that grants clients access to all Credit Suisse analyst models and forecasts, with the ability to customize based on clients’ own assumptions.
  • Quantitative Services – tools and services that help clients understand portfolio attribution as well as quantitative factors that are working in the market.

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