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Cargo Ship

Global CIO House View September 2021

Global equity markets have continued to prove resilient in recent weeks, lingering not far from record highs.

Smart farming: New face of agriculture

A growing demand for food is bringing about changes in agriculture, which will mainly be evidenced in precision farming.
Co-workers Working In Office Full Of Plants.

Sustainable investing for women 2021

Women are becoming much more active and confident when it comes to trading and investing. In fact, according to June Felix, Chief Executive Officer of IGY Group (one of the FTSE 250 global online trading businesses), they are generally doing better than men in terms of their investment choices. 

Outlook on M&A activity 2021

Strong M&A activity among asset and wealth managers around the world looks set to continue into 2022. This is thanks to conditions that range from investment capabilities to shareholder activism.
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