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Networking and innovation forums

If you want to grow, first connect.

New connections make growth possible — take advantage of our extensive network to help grow your business.

Connect with ventures that shape the future

The annual Private Innovation Circle offers a valuable point of contact between successful entrepreneurs and private investors with an eye for innovation.

Private Innovation Circle

See you at the JournEY 2021

Pioneers of Progress

Widely regarded as Israel's leading tech conference, we co-hosted JOURNEY for the first time in 2019. We are now looking forward to our continued sponsorship of JournEY that brings together leading technology companies, entrepreneurs investors and VCs from Israel and abroad. More information about the JOURNEY 2021 will follow soon.

Get closer to Israel’s research and science

Pioneers of Progress

The Weizmann Institute of Science is one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary basic research institutions in the natural and exact sciences. It has a long history of investigation and discovery rooted in a mission of advancing science for the benefit of humanity. In parallel, it educates a substantial proportion of Israel’s scientific leadership and advances science literacy in schools and among the public. Credit Suisse is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the events held by and for the Friends of Weizmann Institute of Science.

Grow your network

As a Credit Suisse client, you can tap into a world of possibilities through our global client networks. At various conferences, we offer insights into cutting-edge innovation and provide opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences with successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. The success of our platforms lies in the combination of business opportunities and personal network growth.

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